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short summery since my last blogpost 2017-08-31


short summery since my last blogpost 2017-08-31

short summery since my last blogpost 2017-08-31

Short summery since my last blogpost!


I´m now on my second year as a full time Long Driver. Right now am I in Dallas för the World Championship and its time to open upp my new website! I just want to do a quick update before we go on with the prepearing for the Championship. This has been an amazing year so far. I have done two Kings of Distance for Callaway! The first one at The home of golf, St. Andrews! First time there and an incredible experiense! I have also done a lots of exhibition days so far for different golf clubs and companies. I really love my job right now. To entertain and hit long drives fits me absolutley perfect! 

There has just been one regular golf tournament this year (so far) I got an invite to Pensylvainia open. My dad was caddie and we had a great week. Not the result I wanted, but it was fun and I did an exhibition for about 50 ladies wich was really fun!

A big differens this year is that we have had two tournaments in the states this year except he World Championship this week. The first one was back in Mesquite. So much fun to be back at the grid I have been hitting on many times and have won 3 world titles on! I was 1st seeded and had the longest ball in the morning 339 yards. In the semi-final I got beaten by Chloe Gardner who also won the tournament. The 2nd tournament was in Denver. That was a different experiense. Denver is on a very high attitude, 1 mile (1600 m) above the sea. That means the balls are flying very long! Also in denver I had the longest ball in the group play, second seeded that time. I lost my World Record that week. I had 391,2, de longest ball ever in competition for 8 years. Denver was the place to beat it. First Chloe Garnder hit 400 yards, two balls later I hit 401 yards. For 1 hour I had the WR back. Then Troy Mullins hit 402 in the quarter-final and finally Phillis Meti hit 406 against me in the semi-final. That means I finished 3rd place again. This time it was Troy, taking home the trophy. 

The very great news is that golf channel sending that two event live and also of course the World Championship. Also Viasat golf in sweden has send that two tournamnets a few times each wich is great for me of course! The interest for long drive is really growning