Also some golf in Orlando

I also played some golf in Orlando! One week with my team from Tee70 Challange. We won that tournament last summer and got a week with golf in Orlando! Perfect planned when I already was there! It was Nicklas Lemke, Stefan Nilsson, Stefan Johansson and me.

The rest of the time I stayed with my friends Helen Alfredsson and Kenta Nilsson at Bay Hill. Always nice to be there! I feel like home 🙂 Also love that golf course! Everyone are so nice and I can’t get enough of playing there!

Golf Channel, Morning Drive!

During the PGA-show I got the opportunity to be in the Morning Drive of Golf Channel in their booth at the show! It was me and Tim Burke (2x world champion). We were announcing the Long Drive schedule for this season and also that it’s going to be three televised event. Of course we end up hitting balls in their simulator. Whatch on There are also clip from the other times I have been on golf channel.


During my time in Orlando I also visit the Pga-show, the world biggest golf exhibition. The first day was on a big driving range. It’s like a big circle and you can hit golf balls all place around. It was nice walking around and look at different golf products. Of course I also hit balls in the Callaway Booth! 

The rest of the exhibition was indoors. It was my second year visit the show! I love walking around and talk to people! Of course I visited my sponsors Callaway, Ecco, Flightscope, Champgolf and High Definition Golf, but also some new potential corporation partners! My mom, dad and boyfriend was with me all week and I was really happy that they was visiting Orlando that week! We all stayed at Helen Alfredssons house and had a really good time!

Meeting with Golf Channel

I have been a month in Orlando. First for a meeting with Golf Channel. It was a meeting about the future of Long Drive, the timetable for this year, a lot of learning and also some interviews and promotional recordings for the sport. Media training, social media training, how to cooperate with sponsors etc. It was a really good weekend and I learned a lot! I am also very happy to announce that we will have three live television event this year, including the World Championship! Both the men’s and women’s division! Golf Channel really helps the sport grow! I’m so excited about the future of Long Drive!

Film shooting in LA!

img_8893 img_8766img_8832 img_8849 img_8892

Yesterday was an incredible day! We are 6 Long Drivers here in Los Angeles and was filming for Golf Channel. This is to promot Long Drive and the World Championship. It is Joe Miller, viagra 60mg Tim Burke, unhealthy Will Houge, story Maurice Allen, Cloe Gardner and my self here. We were filming one golf part and one workout part! You are going to see golfers in a total different way! We were at really cool places and I am so excited about the result! This is going to be really cool! Watch out on Golf Channel 2017 😃

Congrats to Joe Miller!

img_7681 img_7686 img_8354 img_835524 hours after I was standing frustrated and disappointed on the tee box I was up there again celebrating my friend and team mate Joe Miller! Simon and I were there with ”Team Miller” all the matches and cheering for him! He won 2010 and has been in the top since then! Now it was absolutely his turn to win!!! I am so happy for him and his crew and for Team Callaway of course!

3:rd place

img_7654 img_7657 img_7658 img_7662Of course I am disappointed! I have worked so hard this year and for the first time I have focused on my long drive. I was better prepared then ever and everything felt so good.

I was beaten by Chloe Garner in the semi final. In the final was Chloe hitting against Phillis Meti and Phillis won on her last ball and 9 seconds left on the clock.

Like allways I was there to win and I can’t explain what was happened this year on the tee box. Everything felt so good on the warming area. I can’t say anything more then that I am very happy that the sport is growing and that it was a very good final! Impressive hitting of both of the girls!

Now after a few weeks I am done of dwelling why and what happened! I’m now more motivated then ever to be stronger, faster and longer!

Tomorrow it’s time again!

dsc09772 img_7619 img_7638dsc09810dsc09701img_7649Tomorrow Tuesday 2pm (21.00 Swedish time) it all begins! To follow clic on longdrivers of America icon or go in on . I have been here since Wednesday. The first 4 nights we stayed at Anders and Amanda Hultmans house! They took every good care of us! Yesterday we moved to Winstar. I have been practicing on different places, the Cowboys golf Club, Dallas Top golf and on the Bridges golf club. Everyone has taking very good care of me! Yesterday I practice together with my friend and Callaway team partner Joe Miller. Very inspiring to look at his speed. Unfortunately there are not that many European this year. It was just 3 that made it to top 32. Joe Miller, Emil Rosberg and Scott Beaven. Emil did his first World Championship and even if he lost his match today I think it’s really good work to finish top 32! Good experience!!! Joe Miller is ready for top 16 tomorrow strait after the ladies final! I feel really good and Simon is taking good care of me! We are ready! Tonight is the ring ceremony, which means that I’m going to get my ring from 2015 victory!