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Do you want an exciting, different experience? Then Sandra is your perfect choice! 

Every day is different depending on where we are, who you are and what you want!


She does clinics and exhibitions, through entertaining, challenging and inspiring her audience! The days are based on your choice! Every day is different depending on where we are, who you are and what you want!

You can be on a golf course, on the beach, in the city at your office or in your back yard! Yes you read right. She has a hitting cage that She can bring. Sandra comes with her Flightscope that measures everything you need to know about the golfshot and golf swing. She always has music, her golf event means rock n roll.

Sandra has her Callaway bag with all kind of Drivers and clubs for everyone to use. How exiting would it be to try her pink 5 degree 48 inches Long Drive Club that has been used at the World Championship? Her swing speed is higher than the average on the men's PGA tour so she can promise you are going to have a hard time when you try to beat her in distance. Luckily for you she loves to challenge others, but also, of course, to inspire and share her secrets how to hit longer!

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She has an education in Personal Training, but are an expert for how to optimice your training for golf

Personal trainer

Sandra likes to share her favourite exercices. She has an education as a Personal Trainer  and can help with most kind of exercise, but is an expert for how to optimize your excercise for golf.

You can hire her for your self, for a group of friends, a company or to come to your golf club. She will share how to train well to avoid injures and get a strong and stable golfswing. You can do it at the gym, outside or at home.

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