Tomorrow it’s time again!

Postat den 10 oktober, 2016 av Sandra Carlborg

Tomorrow Tuesday 2pm (21.00 Swedish time) it all begins! To follow clic on longdrivers of America icon or go in on www.worldlonhdrive.com . I have been here since Wednesday. The first 4 nights we stayed at Anders and Amanda Hultmans … Läs Mer

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World Championship!

Postat den 7 oktober, 2016 av Sandra Carlborg

Now it’s time again! I’m going to fight for my 5:th title in the World Long Drive Championship. This year I have been focus more on my long drive and I am more prepared then ever! I have an incredible … Läs Mer


My own Pink drivers

Postat den av Sandra Carlborg

            I have got my own pink XR drivers costume made special for me with my logo on from Callaway! They saw my car and decided to make my own driver heads! I am so … Läs Mer


Gossip Magazine

Postat den 6 oktober, 2016 av Sandra Carlborg

Two weeks in a row I now I have been in the Swedish gossip magazine. First in Svensk Damtidning after I played in my friend Helen Alfredsson’s charity event for Alzheimer. Then the week after in Hänt i Veckan from … Läs Mer


Pro Ams and charity golf

Postat den av Sandra Carlborg

Since I have played less golf tournaments and the long drive events not are that many days in a row I have had more time for pro Ams and charity golf this year. One in St.Moritz, Switzerland and some in … Läs Mer

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