Film shooting in LA!

Postat den 4 december, 2016 av Sandra Carlborg

Yesterday was an incredible day! We are 6 Long Drivers here in Los Angeles and was filming for Golf Channel. This is to promot Long Drive and the World Championship. It is Joe Miller, viagra 60mg Tim Burke, unhealthy Will … Läs Mer

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Congrats to Joe Miller!

Postat den 3 november, 2016 av Sandra Carlborg

24 hours after I was standing frustrated and disappointed on the tee box I was up there again celebrating my friend and team mate Joe Miller! Simon and I were there with ”Team Miller” all the matches and cheering for … Läs Mer

3:rd place

Postat den av Sandra Carlborg

Of course I am disappointed! I have worked so hard this year and for the first time I have focused on my long drive. I was better prepared then ever and everything felt so good. I was beaten by Chloe … Läs Mer

Tomorrow it’s time again!

Postat den 10 oktober, 2016 av Sandra Carlborg

Tomorrow Tuesday 2pm (21.00 Swedish time) it all begins! To follow clic on longdrivers of America icon or go in on . I have been here since Wednesday. The first 4 nights we stayed at Anders and Amanda Hultmans … Läs Mer

World Championship!

Postat den 7 oktober, 2016 av Sandra Carlborg

Now it’s time again! I’m going to fight for my 5:th title in the World Long Drive Championship. This year I have been focus more on my long drive and I am more prepared then ever! I have an incredible … Läs Mer

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